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Million Hanabi Baby

Thanks to the Spiel des Jahres award (2013), Hanabi reached a MILLION copies sold ! What a huge number… More details in the article (in french) on Tric-Trac




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Essen Spiel 2014

111019_SPIEL_Essen_LogoEssen fair is coming !





Published by Funforge

Essen goodie : 8th Boss card



Published by Repos Production

Essen goodie : Nimrod Leader card


Published by abacusspiele

Signing Sessions


  • THURSDAY  2pm-3pm on Funforge’s Booth
  • FRIDAY 2pm-3pm on Abacusspiele’s Booth
  • FRIDAY 4pm-5pm on Funforge’s Booth
  • SATURDAY 11am-12am on Funforge’s Booth
  • SATURDAY 2pm-4pm on Repos Production’s Booth


Have a nice spiel !

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Boardgames that tell stories

I received my copy yesterday and I finished reading it this afternoon ! Well done, Ignacy, you managed to write a very interesting book on games, game design, game publishing and board-game industry, and a funny one ! This book was funded via Kickstarter so I’m not sure it will be easy to find if you missed the campaign but it truly worth reading if you get the opportunity ! I’m glad to be part of this adventure and I hope you enjoyed / will enjoy the Hanabi incredible story I wrote especially  for it :)


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Hanabi Extra


Abacusspiele released Hanabi Extra on german market : bigger cards, bigger tokens and racks ! So, if you want to play with your low vision grand-mother, or keep your hands free to make arguable signs to your teammates, it’s now possible :)

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Boardgames That Tell Stories by Ignacy Trzewiczek

Je suis en train de finir la rédaction de la petite histoire d’Hanabi, texte qui figurera dans le livre « Boardgames That Tell Stories » un projet que mon confrère Ignacy Trzewiczek finance via Kickstarter. L’ouvrage est déjà largement financé mais si le livre vous intéresse, je crois qu’il ne sera disponible dans un premier temps que pour les backers…

I am currently polishing the Hanabi incredible story, a designer diary to be published in the book « Boardgames That Tell Stories » a project conducted by Ignacy Trzewiczek on Kickstarter. The book is already funded but I think that it will be only available for backers. So, if you are interested…

Vidéo de présentation du Projet

Boardgames That Tell Stories video

Page Kickstarter du Projet

Boardgames That Tell Stories on kickstarter


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Hanabi Playing Mat


Download HANABI PLAYING MAT (PDF, A2 size)

Thanks Abacusspiele !

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Back from Essen Spiel 2013

Essen Spiel 2013 is over… and it was awesome ! Here are some highlights I posted on my twitter :

  •  #Hanabi was sell for 5,5€ on the fair… I love german market :Z
  • #Rampage (@ReposProduction) was sold out :)
  • I had 3 working sessions on London Masterminds with @eric_lang
  • Project Townsfolk is now in the hands of @IelloGames ! Fingers crossed…
  • 500 000 #Hanabi sold in Germany, thanks to the Spiel des Jahres !!!
  • Project Welcome is now in the hands of Ravensburger. Answer in December…
  • I added « Prehistoria » « Enchanted » & « Clues » to my @storycubes collection :)


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