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Gen Con 2014


2013 was my first Gen Con and it was a lot of fun. I will be back for Gen Con 2014 (among a growing french team) ! Samurai Spirit (Funforge) will be released at this occasion so the attendees will be the first ones to draw the sword (you can prepare yourself by reading the rules) ! Repos Production and Asmodee will demo 7 Wonders Babel (the game will be released in October).

Here is my signing sessions schedule for Samurai Spirit :

  • Thursday : 1pm to 2pm (Passport / Funforge Booth)
  • Friday : 2pm to 4pm (Passport / Funforge Booth)
  • Saturday : 2pm et 3:30pm (Passport / Funforge Booth)

I should also make a session on Asmodee Booth but I don’t have the details yet…

Have a great Con !


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Samurai Spirit, friendly warning :^p


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Ch3val de Troi3


Si vous aimez la SF et plus particulièrement l’anticipation, je vous recommande Ch3val de Troi3, la novella de mon confère Eric Nieudan. C’est disponible chez Bragelonne, en version numérique mais également en version papier. Et c’est du copinage, oui, mais c’est également (et surtout) un bon bouquin :)

Worg est hyperconnecté: maître es réseaux, Messie geek pour costards paniqués, il règle tous vos problèmes à distance.
Worg est un technomade: libre, sans attache, ou presque.
Jusqu’à ce qu’il se penche sur une disparition incongrue et des perturbations de son braincast… et déchaîne les foudres meurtrières d’une corp’ trop bien renseignée.


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Rampage : Most innovative game of 2013



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Tokaido Matsuri, Work in Progress

Le travail sur l’extension Matsuri (destinée dans un premier temps à la version Collector de Tokaido, financée via Kickstarter) se poursuit paisiblement et j’espère terminer les réglages d’ici le mois d’Août. L’extension se présentera sous la forme de 20 cartes, des festivités japonaises qui modifieront ponctuellement le déroulement des parties. Une poignée de jetons viendra s’ajouter à ces cartes, ainsi que 18 nouveaux Voyageurs (les 16 Shoguns inspirés de certains backers, Naïade, et moi-même).

The work on the Matsuri expansion (intended first for the Tokaido Collector‘s Edition funded via Kickstarter) continues peacefully and hopefully I will finish it within the month of August. The expansion will be in the form of 20 cards, figuring Japanese festivities which will alter the flow of the games. A handful of tokens will be added to these cards, as well as 18 new Travellers (16 Shoguns inspired by some backers, Naiade, and myself).


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Boardgames that tell stories

I received my copy yesterday and I finished reading it this afternoon ! Well done, Ignacy, you managed to write a very interesting book on games, game design, game publishing and board-game industry, and a funny one ! This book was funded via Kickstarter so I’m not sure it will be easy to find if you missed the campaign but it truly worth reading if you get the opportunity ! I’m glad to be part of this adventure and I hope you enjoyed / will enjoy the Hanabi incredible story I wrote especially  for it :)


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Samurai Spirit : components overview


The game is now in production. It will be released at Gen Con for the US market / Essen for the European market. Rules should be available online soon… I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

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