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Back From Gen Con 2014

Like last year, Gen Con was a terrific experience !

Thanks to all the players who came by during my signing sessions (I experienced my first love declaration from a fan… well… with her husband and kid just beside her but geez). The 300 pre-release copies of Samurai Spirit sold out quickly (but I think the first victories may wait a little more :p I told you already, the game is kind if hardcore !)

I showed the prototype of the Takenoko‘s expansion to the publishers and they liked it so fingers crossed ! More information on this project to come… 7 Wonders Babel was presented to the reviewers and to the public. Beside working, I only played a few games (Thanks to Mike Selinger for the very pleasant game of Unspeakable Words) and only one « not mine » prototype  : Conan by Frédéric Henry and to be published by Monolith in 2015. I really enjoyed this first play even if I lost poorly as an evil game-master :D

I managed to miss Naïade (Tokaido, Seasons…) and Merry from Portal Publishing (truly sorry Merry !). I brought home : DoomTown, Sail to India, some Magic cards (thanks Joshua, you’re my man !), Win-Lose-Banana, Blood Bowl Team Manager Foul Play.

Damn, I really hope I can attend next year’s edition !

Have fun playing.




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Gen Con 2014


2013 was my first Gen Con and it was a lot of fun. I will be back for Gen Con 2014 (among a growing french team) ! Samurai Spirit (Funforge) will be released at this occasion so the attendees will be the first ones to draw the sword (you can prepare yourself by reading the rules) ! Repos Production and Asmodee will demo 7 Wonders Babel (the game will be released in October).

Here is my signing sessions schedule for Samurai Spirit :

  • Thursday : 1pm to 2pm (Passport / Funforge Booth)
  • Friday : 2pm to 4pm (Passport / Funforge Booth)
  • Saturday : 2pm et 3:30pm (Passport / Funforge Booth)

I should also make a session on Asmodee Booth but I don’t have the details yet…

Have a great Con !


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Tokaido Collector’s edition miniatures

Here are the 16 Shoguns miniatures ! What do you think ?

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7 Wonder Babel Box


OCTOBER 2014 (Essen)

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Samurai Spirit, friendly warning :^p


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Ch3val de Troi3


Si vous aimez la SF et plus particulièrement l’anticipation, je vous recommande Ch3val de Troi3, la novella de mon confère Eric Nieudan. C’est disponible chez Bragelonne, en version numérique mais également en version papier. Et c’est du copinage, oui, mais c’est également (et surtout) un bon bouquin :)

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Rampage : Most innovative game of 2013



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